DICECUT® 502 with its maximum cutting dimensions of 420 x 240 x 900 mm (16 1/2’’ x 9 1/2’’ x 35 3/8’’) is the ideal machine for the cutting of cubes and strips from standard meat blocks, such as EURO-2 or US-60lbs. blocks. The ideal temperature for cutting dices or strips, depending on the kind of raw material, is between -6°C. and -12°Cm (21° to 10° F). Specific products such as lungs can also be cut at much colder temperatures, down to -18°C (0°F.).

 The operator places the frozen blocks into the machine and in a first step these blocks are guillotine – sliced with the thickness determining the first dimension of the final dice / strip size. These slices are then by parallel running conveyor belts transported towards the next guillotine knife-head, which, equipped with MAGURIT’s unique RTK blades cut these slices in the two requested dimensions. Knife-heads are available from 12 x 6 mm to 50 x 50 mm


http://www.magurit.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/502_offen.jpg  http://www.magurit.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/IMG_0844.jpg   




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