• TBG, machine for cutting frozen blocks of meat or other products at -20o C. The clean cut and size of the pieces obtained from the block make them suitable for subse- quent processing in the mincer, thereby reducing the time and effort required by these machines.
  • The TBG cuts the blocks with a guillotine-type blade operated by an extremely powerful hydraulic system. The standard machine is equipped with 1 horizontal blade and 4 vertical blades, so produces 4-centimetre-thinck by 10/12-centimetre-width slices.
  • The block loading is carry out by an incorporated loader with a loading capacity of 100 kg. The cut product is un- loaded directly onto standard 200-litre trolleys.
  • The TBG 480 can work with E2 block measures (480x250 mm). It achives a production of 3000 kg/hour.
  • The TBG 630 can work with E3 block measures (630x300 mm) in its transverse position. It achives a production of 7000 kg/hour.
  • Machines designed and manufactured in accordance with CE hygiene and safety standards.
  • Hygiene:
    • Completely stainless machines.
    • Lines and smooth surfaces to facilitate cleaning.
  • Safety: Emergency stop.
    • Motors protected against heat and over-intense operation.
    • Operating voltage : 24 V.
    • Press-button controls with IP66 protection.


High Efficiency:

FLAKER FL series With a cutting area of 250 x 420 x 650 mm. these machines are capable of handling any common block size, whether standard EURO-2 blocks or US 60 lbs blocks (8” x 16” x 24”) and reach capacities, due to the integrated pneumatic feeding ram up to 4 ton/hr.



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