Complete with mixing arm, cutting set either 2-pcs. Enterprise size 32 SUPERLONGLIFE with knife and 3 mm disk, electrically locked retractable cleaning platform, 280 litres hopper volume.


Optional with automatically lifting device for 200 litres norm carriage.


The MEW 730 is suitable for portioning combined with a MADO portioning system.


Processing worm made of stainless steel and POM (plastic)


The machine is completely made of stainless steel.


    Complete stainless steel worm on request without extra charge.

    Is equipped with a central mixing arm, various mixing profiles are available.

    For difficult applications, reinforced motors as well as frequency converters are available.

    Big pieces can be processed without problems.

    Frozen material can be processed effortlessly.

    Hygienic, simple cleaning because of optimal cleanability.

    Optionally available with cutting set size Unger D114 / E130.

    Optionally available with cutting set size Enterprise E52.

    Is available with separating system for bones and sinews.


Output per hour: approx. 1600 kg to 2200 kg

Hopper volume: 280 litres

Machine height (WxDxH): 2450 x 1990 x 1755 mm

Weight: approx. 1200 kg


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