• The semi-automatic mincing machine, model PSA160, with a 160-mm output mouth, is the stepping stone between manual and industrial mincing machines.
  • Mincing machine appropriate for mincing fresh and semi-frozen meat down totemperatures lower than -8ºC, depending on the diameter of the holes in theoutput plate. They are also apt for other types of products, such as fish,vegetables, etc.
  • Equipped with a single worm, which fills both feeding and cutting functions, a hopper with a capacity of 100 litres, it allows an increase in production capacity and a reduction of costs.
  • The model PSA160 can achieve productions of up to 3000 kg/hour and can mince meat at temperatures of -8ºC.
  • Sturdily built, they are made of stainless steel, including the cutting chamber, the worms, and the attachment bolts.
  • The cutting chamber allows the mounting of three to five elements of the Unger cutting system.
  • Low-voltage manoeuvre with electrical equipment built into the machine.

  They include the protector of the mouth of the output.

  • Smooth surfaces and cutting worms, and feeding that can be easily and quickly taken apart, which makes cleaning very easy.
  • Machines that are designed and manufactured following all of the EC regulations regarding hygiene and safety.



  • Separator for hard parts
  • Tilttable Hopper, which increases the capacity to 200 litres



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