When the broilers are grown-up and ready to be slaughtered, they will be brought together, captured and, put in crates or containers and transported from the broiler houses to the processing plant.

Live birds most common are transported by trucks and they will stay in crates or stainless steel containers. The transport of live birds in crates or in containers, have to be proceeded  to strict governmental regulations. These regulations determine how many birds are allowed to be transported, it also depends on climate and size of crate or container.

Foodmate B.V. can offer a suitable system for crate or containers transportation.

With the oldest and ordinary plastic crate transportation, the crates with the birds inside are simply loaded on trucks for transportation. With the now these days more modern galvanized /stainless steel / plastic  containers, the birds are separated by horizontal levels, which allows more circulating air and space, which reduces stress and damaging of the bir


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