Foodmate Flex Cut-up System is one of the market’s most advanced cut-up systems, offering excellent efficiency and flexibility. The system combines the advantages of the optimal solution for whole bird distribution based on grade and weight as well the optimal logistic solution to deliver parts to any desired location in the cut up area.

Modules can be customized according to your plants’ requirements.

The Flex Cut-up System can distribute birds by weight and/or grade to all the necessary WOG (without giblets) drops or cutting modules; as it pairs with Foodmate | ChickSort Weighing Transfer Machine and InVISION Camera Grading System.


Typical Set up includes:

Tail Cutter

Wing Stretcher

Wing Tip Cutter

Mid Wing Cutter

Super Wingtip Cutter

Halving Machine

Halving 2 Machine

Breast Processor

Saddle Cutter

Saddle Cutter 2

OPTI XL Leg Processor

Thigh Drumstick Cutter

Flexible Unloader




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