The Foodmate Food Service Cut-Up System is designed to meet all 8-piece, 9-piece and dark meat cut-up requirements.


A typical 8- and 9-piece machine consists of a tail cutter, foodservice wing cutter, inline fat puller, pre-cut and or keel cut. For a 9-piece cut, it includes the lengthwise halving machine, thigh popper, foodservice halving machine, food service thigh/drum cutter and static un-loader.

All pieces can be collected in a synchronized conveyor with pockets.

The Foodmate Food Service Cut-Up System is supplied with auto correcting magnetic cut-up shackles which significantly reduces the opportunity for shackles to be turned in the wrong direction when entering the cutting modules.


The unique turn point and side plate configuration makes the machine easy to clean and flexible for future line modifications. The stand-alone machine requires minimum installation time because all of the single point connections are integrated into the machine.


Includes the Following Machines:

  • Tail Cutter
  • Wing Stretcher
  • Wing Cutter AFS
  • Fat Puller/Pre-Cutter/Keelbone Cutter
  • Lengthwise Halving Machine
  • Halving Machine 2
  • Thigh/Drumstick Cutter
  • Flexible Unloader
  • Control Box


Key Benefit:

  • Allows for a maximum of 6,000 birds per hour.



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