The Foodmate FM 7.50 breast cap deboning machine debones up to 3,000 breast caps per hour. The machine produces single, as well as butterfly fillets and features an automatic skinning and blister remover device. The breast cap deboner is easy to operate and can be loaded manually by one to two workers. Its design allows for adding a transport belt under the machine.

The FM 7.50 requires minimal floor space and is easily moved. Constructed with stainless steel and food approved nylons for hygiene, Foodmate has taken the additional steps of equipping the FM 7.50 with stainless steel wash down motors.


Key Benefit:

  • Allows for a maximum of 3,000 birds per hour.
  • Stainless steel and food approved nylon constructed breast deboner for whole filets (butterfly)

  or ½  fillets.

  • Raised construction for installation of a belt conveyor underneath the machine.
  • Machine is suitable for breasts with out back bone, with or without skin.
  • Including deskinning unit, blister remover and precut device.



  • The wings should be removed from breast manual or by wingcutter
  • Temperature of the product approx 4 °C
  • Best deboning and yield result, when fresh products stay 1 night in the cooling.



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