The Foodmate OPTI Thigh Deboner was developed to bring solutions to common problems found in both manual and automated thigh deboning operations. The machine’s unique concept and design produces high quality meat and yield with only a few trim and inspectors required. The innovative scraper design and tendon cutting system gives the meat a hand-cut appearance and does not shatter the bones. Unlike other automated thigh deboners, the OPTI Thigh Deboner eliminates the need for rubber discs to clean the bone, which significantly reduces operating costs and manual production interaction for producing a quality product.


Opti Thigh Deboner Options:

- Inline  thigh skinning unit

- Product Conveyors

- NEW: Kneecap Remover


Key Benefits:

  • Allows for a maximum of 80-100 thighs per minute
  • Improves yield
  • Allows for easy loading and operating
  • Eliminates bone shattering or fragmenting
  • Provides hand-cut meat appearance
  • Reduces trimming and inspection time
  • Increases output per person
  • Reduces labor with the all mechanical design
  • Reduces operating and maintenance costs



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