The steam-smoking process developed by AUTOTHERM to perfection offers advantages, especially for hot-smoked products (e.g. Frankfurters), which are not achieved by any other smoking system.


AUTOTHERM offers the right microprocessor control for every chamber. The microprocessors are especially configured for the respective units. Particular attention is paid to ensuring the controls are easy to handle for users.

3 temperatures are measured in the thawing chamber and are used as switching parameters : the chamber temperature, the surface temperature and the core temperature of the product

  • At the same time, the smoking zone can be reloaded. These chambers are very flexible, as standard floor-running smoke trolleys are used and all kinds of different products can be treated consecutively. This effective combination of 2 process steps can also be used for a cooking and/or pasteurising chamber with an intensive cooling chamber. On the customer’s request the chamber can be equipped with electronic speed control, a shower system and automatic door opener.


  • AUTOTHERM Fish Smoking chambers with horizontal air flow

This particular design, for products laid flat only, offers you optimum utilisation of the smoker trolley capacity with simultaneously optimum process cycle. The air is passed across the layers of the smoker trolley from the side. An air-reversing flap continuously changes the direction of the air flow. This achieves uniform drying and smoking on all levels of the smoker trolley.

  • AUTOTHERM fish smoking chambers with air reversing flap system

In fish smoking chambers with vertical air flow it is possible to integrate a special air changing flap system. This enables flexible hanging products and products laid flat (up to 12 layers) to be treated optimally.


 Trout / eel / Mackerel / rose fish/red perc / flounder / sprats / herrings

         Salmon / trout fillet / Halibut / Pangasiu


Drying / Heating / Cold / warm and hot-smoking / Cooking / Boiling / Baking




Temperature range:  +30°C to +90°C, Without cooling / + 18°C to +90°C, With cooling

                                 Other values also possible on request!


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