With its U 1-1-50 model AUTOTHERM offers its smallest universal chamber that is ideally suited for use, for example, in butcher technical colleges, vocational colleges, universities, catering and also for the laboratories of large sausage manufacturers as well as spice and sausage skin producers.


The features and functions of this small AUTOTHERM smoking chamber offers you all the characteristics and process options necessary for successful small-scale production and for testing small batches.


This means that large chambers and daily production can continue as usual.


ingle trolley chambers in 3 different sizes are available especially for small and medium-sized businesses.  The choice of chamber size depends on the required production capacity and the space available. The chamber can be adapted to local circumstances; individually made chambers  enable optimum integration in your production.


All chambers can be equipped with an additional baking heater, shower system, automatic door opener and cooling.


Multitrolley units can be supplied with one or several rows for up to 10 trolleys.  On request we can also supply tunnel type units, an integrated transport system or connection to overhead monorail equipment.




    Cooked and boiled sausages

    Hot-smoked meat and sausage products

    such as Frankfurters, Lyoner, Wiener

    and Knacker sausages

    Kassler (gammon), cooked ham

    Black sausage and liver sausage, bacon

    Mettwurst, salami, raw ham






    Cold smoking (with cooling)

  Warm and hot smoking (without cooling) Cooking



    Temperature range:

    +30°C bis +90°C, without cooling

    +18°C bis +90°C, with cooling

    Relative humidity: up to 99%

    Other values possible on request!


Unit: Universal chamber

      Heating: Electric, Steam, Oil/Gas

Cooling: Freon, Ammonia, Brine/Glycol

     Humidification: Water/Steam

Voltage: 230/400V 50Hz

     Trolley size:100 x 102 x 198 cm

Trolleys per unit: 1-10

    Capacity/Trolley: Approx. 200kg – 250kg

Chamber types : Stainless steel panels

   Control:       Microprocessor

Waste gas cleaning:           

   Catalytic or thermal after-burning,                       electrically or gas heated  



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