KOPP horizontal flow wrapping machines CO 130 BB TG Intermittent

    Top model at a low price!

    Especially for wrapping several products in one bag and for products with varying dimensions.

    Either Polyethylene or Polypropylene can be used.

    Maximum capacity 20–25 packs/minute.




    PLC-control which allows to store 40 programs.

    Cross sealing jaws with cross grooving for absolutely tight bags; film feeding from the bottom.

    The cross sealing unit moves vertically; therefore, the conveyor belt which is placed before and after the cross sealing unit opens during the sealing process and closes when the product is pushed further (Box-Motion).

    The conveyor belt is fitted with a photoelectric cell on one side and is used as a pusher. The product to be wrapped is put against this photoelectric cell. No more pushers are required. Thanks to all these features very easy and quick machine changes are possible.


Flow wrapper, Technical data


Technical data

          CO 130 BB TG Intermittent



          max. 25 bags/min.¹


Bag length

          50 – 3000 mm


Product dimensions (W x H)

          max. 200 x 140 mm


Film width

          max. 550 mm


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