Axon's Styrotech ST-925L stretch sleeve label applicator is designed for labeling containers up to 5 gallons in size and is ideally suited to labeling pails. It will reliably label most containers at speeds up to 20 CPM. This gives our customers the ability to use multi-color graphics and print in creative ways that have been unavailable to them in the past.


The ST-925L stretch sleeve labeler operates completely automatically. The PLC control uses sensors to detect a container. Once a container is detected at the labeling position the elevator assembly removes the label from the horn and places it on the container. When the elevator assembly has completed its stroke the bottle stop gate releases allowing the next container to travel into the labeling position and the cycle starts all over again


Features & Specs

  • Applicators adapt to various container shapes and sizes
  • Flexible in operating with quality LDPE stretch sleeve labels from any film supplier
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Machines are very compact and easily installed over existing conveyor lines
  • Positive container handling

Axon's Styrotech ST-1500 stretch sleeve label applicator is capable of labeling up to 30 CPM and containers up to 10 Liters (2.5 Gallons). This is a pneumatically operated stretch sleeve machine that only requires 8 CFM @ 80 PSIG. That combined with the standard 220V 5 amp electrical requirements make for a plug and go installation. Special air lines and wiring will not be required in most facilities.

Features & Specs


  • Versatile: Adapts to various container shapes and sizes
  • Durable:  Rugged tubular mainframe and covers constructed of high quality Stainless Steel
  • Easy to Use: Simple, intuitive Operator Interface Panel (OIP)
  • Reliable: Standard Allen-Bradley PLC provides best-in-class processing speed, proven long-term performance and world-class support
  • Compact: Small footprint and easy to install over existing conveyor lines
  • Quick Changeovers: Front loading film mechanism and easy access to components
  • Multi-Language: English or Spanish
  • Flexible: The ST-1500 is able to process quality LDPE stretch sleeve labels from any film supplier

The ThermoFlow is a compact, self-contained heat shrink system that features a low pressure* steam shrink tunnel integrated with a small steam generator and condensate collection. The steam tunnel is cleverly engineered to adapt to your container size and use only a minimal amount of steam for an effective shrink. Other features such as stainless steel construction, quick changeover design, cantilevered design for the main shrink unit and a robust frame, define the superior quality and ease-of-use found in all Axon equipment. All combined, the ThermoFlow is guaranteed to deliver ultimate value to your packaging line!


* Low Pressure refers to 15 PSI




    High Quality Shrink - Nothing compares to steam when shrinking full body sleeves

    Durable - Stainless steel construction for years of reliable operation

    Flexibility - One tunnel provides high quality results on a wide variety of product shapes and sizes

    Easy Changeover - Tool-less changeover allows for quick and easy set up

    Cantilevered Design - Easy access to tunnel components and no hassle installation

    Self Contained - 30kw 10psi boiler




Maximum Container Size*                          6” wide x 12” tall

Electrical                                                  480V 3PH 36 AMPS

                                                              110V 1PH 15 AMPS

Water                                                     11 gallons / hr

Footprint                                                 38” x 52” x 68.25

Axon's Styrotech ST-2650 stretch sleeve label applicator is designed for improved service, maintenance and operation. The ST-2650 stretch sleeve labeler is fast, running up to 60 containers per minute, and is easy to operate with only two user inputs. With speed and precision, the stretch sleeve label applicator ST-2650 ensures quality processing. Designed with time efficiency in mind, this machine allows for a variety of product requirements. When you need a fast, durable machine for your stretch sleeve labeling needs, allow Axon to meet your demands.


The ST-2650 includes a variety of features to ensure your industry needs are met. Features include a three-axis servo driven machine, a three month maintenance cycle with automatic service notifications, and an easy to use color touchscreen interface with simple user inputs.


When you need quality machinery, the ST-2650 is the perfect solution.  Designed for a variety of industries, when your products require labeling, this system meets demands with precision and speed


Features & Specs

Servo Driven - 3-axis servo driven machine

    Fast - Speeds up to 60 containers per minute

    Low Maintenance - 3-month maintenance cycle with automatic service notifications

    Ease of Use - Color touch screen interface with simple user inputs enable recipe-free operation

    "On-the-fly" Adjustments - Speed changes and label height are easy to adjust with no need to stop machine and with only one parameter change

    Multi-Language - English or Spanish

    Quick Changeovers - Easy access to label roll position

    Network Connectivity - Ethernet is standard on machines

    Accurate Records - Total machine cycle count and shift cycle count maintained even through power outages

Features & Specs

Enhanced Safety Features - Machine continues to cycle through "dry runs" if no containers are in line as a warning to others that machine is still in use

    Control Reliable Safety Circuits - Redundant and meet all OSHA standards

    3-month maintenance cycle represents 200% improvement

    All valves and sensors run to field wiring blocks which makes it easier to service with no need to open electrical cabinets to replace components

    All sensors and valves are now quick connect with no splicing, no wiring involved

    Industrial rated connectors are much more robust, faster and easier to service with less cost

    Automatic service notifications

    Fault history and input/output status is available from Operator Interface

Looking for an economical, compact and easy-to-operate radiant heat shrink tunnel? ThermoRay's infrared heating elements and powerful blower ensure even heat distribution for uniform film shrinkage. ThermoRay(TM) exemplifies "value engineering" - giving packagers just what they need - performance at a reasonable price.

ThermoRay Advantages

 Can mount directly onto most conveyors, eliminating the need for a floor stand

 Integrated hydraulic lift makes height adjustments easy and ergonomical

  Draws approximately 20% less current than standard sized tunnels

  Tunnel dimensions accommodate both tamper bands and small shrink sleeve labels


Introducing ThermoRay Express

Need it ASAP? The ThermoRay Express ships the next day via UPS Ground at a discounted price. Designed for packagers who don't need application engineering services, we're ready to take your order right now!

Features & Specs


  • Heat source: two 2.5kW infrared heaters
  • Simple controls for trouble-free operation
  • Heat-up/Cool-down snap switch
  • Analogue set-point temperature adjustment
  • Mounts directly to conveyor - 50lbs total weight
  • Hydraulic-assisted lift to adjust tunnel height
  • Power requirements: 220 volts, single phase, 24 amps
  • Ingress dimensions: 4" wide x 6 1/4" high (10.16cm x 15.875cm)
  • Recommend 1/4" clearance on each side of container
  • Length: 30" (76.2 cm)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Floor stand option available (heavy-duty, stainless steel floor stand featuring a hand-crank height adjustment)
  • Application Test Option available upon request (must send product samples prior to machine shipping)


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