Vacuum packaging machine MagVac to close bags with air exhaustion.

Suitable for bags made of composite material such as PA/PE (vacuum bag)

 With air-exhaustion by a VENTURI-ejection system.

        Both sealing bars are impulse heated with automatic impulse release after time of evacuation resp. gas flushing has elapsed.

        Evacuation, gas flushing, sealing and cooling time can be adjusted separately.

        Exhaustion and gas flushing can be combined in multi-cycle.

        Exact microprocessor control of the whole sealing procedure.

        8 mm sealing weld.

        Control functions for validation of sealing weld.

        RS232 interface.

The filled bag is put between the sealing bars, so that the evacuation pipe is inside the bag. By pressing the foot pedal, the automatic cycle starts. Air is exhausted, when the vacuum time or eventually the gas flushing time has elapsed, the bag is sealed automatically.





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