Film sealing unit TSG digit used to close bags. Thanks to the exact sealing temperature and time adjustment the sealing results remain on a constant level.

Suitable to seal thermoplastic films such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, etc. as well as thin barrier films and suited to produce sterilized packings according to DIN ISO 11607 resp. EN 868, for Peel-bags (paper/PE, paper/PP, Tyvek).


Continuously best sealing results:


        Microprocessor control with exact time and temperature adjustments.

        Sealing temperature, sealing and cooling time are digitally adjustable.

        No adjustment of parameters necessary.


        Electric foot pedal.

        Integrated cutter.

        Made in Germany.


    High comfort:


        Digital control.

        4-line LDC-display.

        Menu-languages can be chosen (German/English/Italian).

        Data input by buttons.

        Electric foot pedal.

        Lateral infeed.

        Exact positioning.

        Autocal-function after change of heating belt.


    Highest security standards:


        Control function for validation by temperature and time control of the sealing process.

        Solid and sturdy construction.


        ALERT limits for sealing temperature can be chosen.


    A flexible use of the film sealing unit TSG digit is possible by putting the unit on the moveable trolley. An asset in series production if it is installed over a roller conveyor or conveyor belt.


Your benefit


    No wearing, no subsequent costs

    Flexible thanks to integrated cutter for excess length

    Very reliable sealing results to reduce the risk of customer complaint and to increase customer satisfaction

    Process reliability thanks to validation

    Suitable for packaging of sterilized items according to ISO 11607 and EN 868


(c) 2017 Willi Kopp e.K. Verpackungssysteme


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