The KOPP Belt sealer MSP Plus for polyethylene makes endless seals or closes bags.


Suitable for all thermoplastic materials such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, etc. or thin qualities of coated or barrier materials such as coated aluminum. The belt sealer MSC Plus is used for barrier films.

Stationary and mobile use.

Adjustable operating speed from 2.5 to 9.5 m/minute.

Adjustable sealing temperature.

Motor and control mounted in a sturdy housing.

 Films to be sealed are fed manually into the unit and are then taken over by toothed motor driven belts and carried through the unit alongside the sealing tape.

Almost maintenance-free: the unit can be opened in order to be cleaned and serviced.

 ilm thickness max.


approx. 2 x 0,05 to 2 x 0,4 mm¹: Sealing temperature

                                                             up to approx. 240° C

Passing speed:  approx. 2,5 to 9,5 m/min.²


Sealing width

approx. 5 mm (plain)




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