Cascading Water Steriflow Shaka®:

This retort is particularly innovative, provides a large reduction in sterilization cycle times (5 to 10 times). This is due to its shaking process and his capacity to quickly raise the temperature. The time benefit is carried over to the quality of the product, it ensure optimal taste performance and nutritional value. Shaka® is a simple alternative to aseptic technology.

Once the basket is locked into the Shaka®, the process involves three temperature stages : rising, holding temperature and final cooling. The operator is able to select the shaking frequency as soon as the temperature rises. Preheated water and direct-steam humidification are used to reduce this Heating up phase. The cycle time is reduced 5 to 10 times by using high frequency shaking. This is resulting in radical changes of the heat transfer coefficient from the product. This type of retort also gives you the opportunity to run at higher than normal temperatures.


  • Healthier products, best preserved.
  • A better conservation of vitamins.
  • A decrease in the use of salt, preserve the taste and nutritional value of food.
  • A more consistent texture, tests were carried out on delicate products such as Courgette and Eggplant.
  • There is no overcooking, No loss of texture of the product.
  • Suitable for Liquid such as (Sauces & Soups), Viscous products (Baby food), Glass jars.



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