The new patent pending sachet, have some features that make it the most advanced in the market.  


Advantages when using sachets

Bigger absorption capacity per reefer

1 filter = 3 liters of C2H4, 2 filters = 6 liters of C2H4, Banana 1580 sachets of 5gr. GK Z4 = 17,4 liters of C2H4 , Banana 1580 sachets of 5gr. GK4/2  =31,6 liters of C2H4

The ethylene reaches a lower threshold

Putting ethylene absorbing sachets inside the fruit boxes of the reefer lowers the ethylene more tan with two filters. It reaches a low ethylene level that is below the signal needed for the anthracnose to develop their apresorium, (the fungi organ that invades the fruit).

Protection along the distribution.

Can get ethylene protection from the moment that the sachet is in the fruit box. Sometime before the fruit gets in to the cold chain, moment in which the fruit produces more ethylene and can induce an accelerated ripening. The ethylene protection can be extended after the moment the fruit lives the reefer in their way to the final customer. 

Ideal for Modified


Packaging (MAP)

When using MAP, the ethylene gets inside the bag.  Eliminating it with sachets allow enlarge the fruit life (two additional weeks in banana) and the incidence of fungal diseases.

Protection in hot spots

The air flow is not the same in the different parts of the container. It could be more than 5ºC of difference. In the hot places the air flows less and the ethylene emission is bigger. The sachets can clean the ethylene of these places.

Approved for food contact

It is the only sachet approved for intelligent food packaging under  CE 1935 and FDA

Approved for use in organic produce

Approved by Ecocert

The most reliable sachet.

No issues in the welding due wax distribution.

No dust in the welding.

No potassium permanganate leakage. It resists 10 days in flooding conditions.

The rig cost.

At the en done sachet that their cost don’t threat their use.

The sachets can be filled with the following types of media:


  • GK Z4 with the small size and high surface provides high speed in the elimination of ethylene
  • GK4/2 is a 2 mm pelletized media with 4 liters of ethylene absorption capacity
  • GK4 AC, is a mixture of two medias, the GK4 and activated carbon.